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    The Manitoba Orienteering Association is a non-profit organization with the purpose of promoting and supporting orienteering in Manitoba. It is sponsored by Sport Manitoba and recognized by Orienteering Canada as the authorized governing body of orienteering in Manitoba.

    This web site manages the MOA's events and maps. Results, permanent courses, and other content can be found at


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    What is Orienteering?

    Orienteering involves using a map and a compass to find a series of checkpoints. An orange and white marker (called a “control”) is located at each checkpoint, along with a card-punching device or an electronic timing unit. At most events, the objective is to visit all of the controls, in the specified order, in the fastest time.

    Orienteering is a great sport because:

    • It is easy to learn and requires no special equipment to get started.
    • It can be enjoyed as a walk in the outdoors or as a competitive sport.
    • Courses of varying length and difficulty are offered so that anyone can compete, regardless of age or experience. This makes it a good sport for families.
    • For serious competitors, the sport is challenging both physically and mentally. Elite competitors have to run quickly while navigating through complex terrain.