Organizers: jim lee (Event Director), Muriel Gamey (Event Director)

Map: Hartney

Note (May 1): We have decided to cancel this weekend's "O" meets due to lack of participants. There appears to be too many things on this weekend after such a long, long winter. We'll give you a great time this fall.

The meet will go ahead as the snow really dropped. It could be wet in places and of course no foliage to confuse you or me.

Please email your entries asap to Jim Lee <>.

Remember the long is on Saturday (2:00 PM), the middle on Sunday (10:00 AM), and as it is the beginning of the season Jim's courses will be on  the short side but very demanding on those brains that have been out of "O" use for the last 6 months.

Meet at the Coop Card Lock on the west side of town just off HWY #21.

The Red door is closed on the weekends but the Coop Store carries anything you need for light snacks.



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