Organizers: Vern Nelson (Event Director), Jennifer Hamilton (Event Director)

Map: LaBarriere Park

We will meet at the in the main parking lot.

The LaBarriere Map is a mix of trailed bush with open fields.  The map includes a river with one crossing, so there is a possibility that you will go over the river.. Although LaBarriere can be reached fom Highwayn 75, its much easier to find from Waverly Street.

We will be setting this course up for a school group in the afternoon, so an early start is possible.

As usual, there will be two courses, a long and a short.  I will be aiming for about 3k and 12 controls for the short, and 4.5k and 18 controls for the long.


Please registers so that I have a map for everyone.  If you have difficulty registering, then please send me an email stating how many people and on which course.




Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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