Organizers: Doris Nelson (Event Director), Vern Nelson (Course Planner), Don Roe (Course Planner), Steven Graupner (Course Planner)

Map: Hog's Back

MapKiche Manitou


Course Planners: Vern Nelson (Sprint Planner), Steven Graupner (Middle Planner),  Don Roe (Long Planner)



The 2013 Manitoba Orienteering Championships will be held in Spruce Woods Provincial Park. There are three races:

  • The Jack Forsyth Memorial Event (Middle Distance) on the Hog's Back Map.  Saturday 12:00 PM: .

  • The Sprint Distance event on the Kiche Manitou Map. Saturday 4:00 PM.

  • The Long Distance event on the Yellowquill Map.  Sunday 12:00 PM. 

There will also be supper on Saturday night in Kiche Manitou and lunch on Sunday afternoon at the event site.

The supper will be BBQ chicken, baked potato, salads and desert served at the Pine Fort in the day use area at Kiche Manitou.  A vegetarian option can be arranged upon request.  We have reserved a group use camp site for a camp fire and movie night after supper.  This site will accomodate 3 plug in vehicles and several tents.

Lunch on Sunday will be sandwiches along with fruit and veggie platters.


Middle Notes:

Map:  Hog's Back, made in 2008 for the 2009 Canadian Championships.  Scale is 1:10,000.  Contour interval is 5 m.

Driving directions: From Highway #2, turn onto Road 71 West (Park Road), heading north. This turn is 1 km east of Cypress River, and 15 km from either Highway #34 or Highway #5. Drive north 11.2 km on Road 71 West to the event site and pull off the road to park.  Allow 20 minutes for the drive in from Highway #2.

Time Limit:  2 hours (after that, and we'll pack up promptly and move on to Kiche Manitou for the Sprint).

Start Times:

12:00 - Pat L, Angela, Vern
12:03 - Jennifer, Dave, Larry
12:06 - Pat G, Sheldon, Reid
12:09 - Lois, Muriel, Sebastien
12:12 - Ursula, Rudi, Don
12:15 - Doris, Gilles, Thomas
12:18 - Christine/Reinhard, Kevin
12:21 - Michael


Long Notes:

Good technical terrain for the Provincial Championships.  Will need to keep close contact to the map.

Courses available listed on the right (could create a course 2 if neccessary, please call organizer at 642-5707)

This map shows the parking location:,-99.2930603027344



The complete package (Sprint, Middle, Long, Saturday Supper & Sunday Lunch) costs $55.

Individually, the races cost $15 each, the banquet/supper on Saturday night costs $20, and the lunch on Sunday afternoon costs $10.



Please register for these events on or before Wednesday, September 25th.

To register or for more information, contact Doris or Vern Nelson (204-896-3065 or You can also register through this web site - see the list of courses and meals to the right.


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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