Organizers: Thomas Graupner (Event Director), Vern Nelson (Event Director)

Map: Yellow Quill

Map: Glen Valley

Wilderness Score-O

The Wilderness Score-O will start at 2:00 PM at the northern entrance to Yellow Quill. See the map below. A standard orange and white control flag will indicate where to leave highway 5.

There will be approximately 25 controls scattered around the map and participants will have 90 minutes to get as many as possible. There will be no penalty for being late, except that controls punched after 90 minutes won't count. Participants will be ranked first on number of controls and then on time (for participants who punch the same number of controls).

Because this is a Score-O, be sure to bring a watch! You might also want to bring a marker to keep track of which controls you have visited. And, of course, don't forget your compass, whistle, and SI card (if you have one). Finally, if this will be your first Manitoba Orienteering event of the year (or your first event ever), please consider bringing a completed Membership & Waiver form with you.

Wilderness Night-O

The Night-O will start at 9:00 PM at Glen Valley.  We will start by the road on the west side.  Signs will direct you to the start from Road 46N.  (The Road from Kiche Manitou)

Growing up in the cities, we tend to be nervous about being out in the woods, alone, at night.  Don't be afraid of the dark!  Night orienteering is a blast!   Glen Valley is a great location for Night O as it is bordered by on all sides by well defined roads, rivers and fences.  There will be two courses.  One will stick closer to the trails and major features.  The other will be more technically challenging.  The controls will be reflective and placed in open areas so that they can be seen from a distance.  A headlamp is required.

Event Fees

The usual fees for wilderness events will apply. In order words, event entry costs $10.00 per event for Adults and $5.00 per event for Juniors and all participants must be 2014 members. But, as usual, if you become a member at one of these events, your entry fee will be reduced by the amount of your membership fee (which is $5.00 for Adults and $3.00 for Juniors).

Why the name Bison Bones?

The organizers took on these events without much notice and they don't have the time to check the control sites before race day. Instead, they're going to use a GPS to ensure that the controls are placed accurately and, if the map is inaccurate near a control site, they might tell participants to skip that control. Because these events are being planned with minimal effort, they are somewhat like the Barebones events that began in Alberta. But this is Manitoba, so we're calling them the Bison Bones.

Score-O at Yellow Quill


Night-O at Glen Valley


Course Maps

Night-O Nervous Nelly

Night-O Confident Conny


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