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Organizer: Vern Nelson (Event Director)

Map: Jessica Lake

This wilderness event takes place on the Jessica Lake map,  This is in the Whiteshell Provincial Park and a park vehicle permit is required!

This is one of the few MOA maps in the Canadian Shield. Except for some abandoned trails and some tornado/wind damage, the terrain has changed very little since the map was made. Note that there are many fallen trees on the course and moving through the dark green can be physically demanding at times.

The event will feature a set of training courses for those wanting to improve their navigation skills, as well as the usual Courses 5, 8, and 10 for competitive orienteers. The courses will be open from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM. See the list of courses on the right for more course details.

Participants in the training category will be able to complete up two different courses, time permitting. Beginner 1 will follow the trails and the controls will be on the trail, or visible from the trail.  Beginner 2 will be similar, but will require leaving the trail to find controls. The courses all start with some easy controls and then get progressively harder. Each map will come with instructions or hints on how to find each control. Participants can also take a master map showing all the controls (approximately 30) so they can make up their own course or just see how many controls they can find. Some volunteers will be on site to show participants how to take compass bearings, interpret map scales, read contours, and so on.

Parking will be at the Jessica Lake trailhead, which is on the west side of Highway 307, across from the Jessica Lake Lodge. The map below.

Note: All participants must be MOA members. See for details. If you bring a completed membership form to this event, your entry fee will be reduced by the amount of the membership fee, meaning that you essentially get a free membership. Entry fees for this event are $10.00 for Adults and $5.00 for Juniors.

This is what last years event looked like!



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