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Organizer: Larry Konotopetz (Event Director)

Map: Assiniboine Park

Meet in the parking lot in SE corner of the Park, north of the stationary train engine off Locomotive Drive (see map below).

This event a 30 Control Score-O. 

Your challenge is to locate as many controls as you can within the 60 minute time limit. BRING A WATCH so you know when to get back to the finish without incurring a time/point penalty.

Here is how the scoring will work: Each competitor will begin with minus 60 (-60) points. Each control is worth 2 points. Therefore your goal is to accumulate a point score of 0. For every minute or part of a minute over 60 minutes you will incur a -4 point penalty. If competitors accumulate the same number of points, the person with the fastest time wins!

Note: It is recommended to wear lower body cover for protection against burs...

          Please register by Tuesday 3 May to ensure we have a map printed for you!



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