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Organizer: Vern Nelson (Event Director)

Map: Assiniboine Forest

C'mon out to another evening of fun and excitement crashing thru the Assiniboine Forest!

This event will be a mass start at 7:30

You will have 1 hour to go out and find as many controls as you can.

Each control you find and punch before 8:30 will be worth 5 points.

Then the game changes at 8:30!

Starting at 8:30, you will have 30 minutes to pick up as many controls as you can and return them to the start.

Each control you bring back will be worth 10 points!

The first person to be standing at the control before 8:30 is the one that claims it @ 8:30

What's the best strategy? I don't know! Be as far out as you can at 8:30 and pick up on the way back?

But if everyone does that.. there won't be any on the way back!

For this event you will need a headlamp and a watch.

Absolutely no stealing controls before 8:30!

We will meet at the parking lot in the north west corner of the forest.

It rained this week, so I expect there to be some wet areas in the forest.

Be ready to run @ 7:30!



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