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Organizer: Thomas Graupner (Event Director)

Map: St. Malo Park

Come to St. Malo Provincial Park for a long, challenging Sprint event!

The campground is now closed and the organizer has planned fast-paced courses that use campsites as features. Part of the challenge will be counting roads and not getting lost in the 10+ bays. Most legs also have multiple routes to choose from.

Even though the park is closed, park vehicle permits are still required. These must be purchased before going to the park because you won't be able to purchase them on site.

The short and medium courses should be suitable for beginners. The time limit for all courses is 2 hours (twice that of a standard Sprint). This is enough time to walk the long course if you don't lose much time to mistakes.

Please register by using this web site or by contacting Thomas Graupner (thomasg at or 204-347-5764).



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