Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.

Organizer: Muriel Gamey (Event Director)

Map: Langford Community Pasture

The courses may seem short but it is challenging terrain! Anyone without previous experience on this map may only sign up for Course 8 or lower.

PLEASE register by Sunday, April 30.

Directions: From # 1 Hwy, turn north on # 5 to Road 80 N, turn East on 80 N for 3 miles, then south for 1 mile and east for 1 mile (following the gravel road). There will be no Hwy O signs. Or from # 16 Hwy, turn south on Road 85 W for 3 miles, east for 1 mile, south 1 mile and east 1 mile (following the gravel road). Do not try any other roads!



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