Map: Yellow Quill

On the Thursday and Friday before the WCOCs, there will be an informal training event on the Yellow Quill map. Parking will be at the Epinette Creek trailhead, shown on the map below. A park vehicle pass is required for Thursday only because July 14-16 is Parks Day Weekend. A one-day pass costs $5 and can be purchased right at the parking lot.

Participants will receive a master map with about 25 controls and can choose what to do. There will be no official timing or results.

Maps will cost $5 each, to be paid in cash at the event site. You can participate in the training even if you are not going to the WCOCs.

If you intend to come, please register using the buttons on the right, or send an email to

Note that this is not the WCOC model event. The model event will be held later on a small portion of the Cypress River Sandhills map. It will provide competitors with a closer representation of the WCOC competition terrain and mapping style.


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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