Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.

Organizer: Kelly Egilson (Event Director)

Map: King's Park

This event will be a one-man relay format for the Long course and a regular Short course. Come early to be ready for the mass start for the Long course at 6:45, the Short course will have normal starting. If you are late or want a head start you can use the start punch without an issue when you are ready to go. It is a different experience running head to head. You need to be careful you do not blindly follow the other competitors as this is a sure way to lose your place on the map but at the same time you can also get a little more comfort that you are headed in the right direction if many orienteers are converging on the same area as you.

Please register by Monday July 16th to ensure a map is available for you. If this will be your first orienteering event of this year, please print off and fill out a MOA membership form. Refreshments will be provided for after the event.



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