Organizer: Kelly Egilson (Event Director)

Map: Cypress River Sand Hills

The Sprint is planned to start at 10AM and the Middle whenever you would like before 12:30PM. Course lengths might change slightly. Please check back for more information.


Course Registration

Sprint Course 2

8 controls

Distance: 1100m

Sprint Course 3

12 controls

Distance: 1500m

Sprint Course 5

16 controls

Distance: 2500m

Middle Course 1

Controls on or in close proximity to a trail, very easy (6 controls)

Distance: 1200m

Middle Course 5

Controls are in the middle of no where but can still be found without bushwacking but require navigational skills to find (9 controls)

Distance: 2300m

Middle Course 8

Similar to 5 but some legs through more brush (13 controls)

Distance: 3100m

Jim Brereton

Middle Course 10

Similar to 8 but more routes through varied vegetation (16 controls)

Distance: 3800m

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