Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.

Organizer: Patricia Graupner (Event Director)

Map: St. Malo Park

Travelers coming from Winnipeg on Highway 59: Allow plenty of time as there are reduced speed limits through construction zones.

Important: If this is your first time orienteering in 2019, please print the membership form from the MOA website, complete and bring to this meet. Thanks!

Mass start at 12:15 p.m. 90 minutes to complete the course!

There are four courses offered at this meet.

The shortest course is a 3 kilometre point-to-point sprint course with 12 controls labelled 1-12.

The other three courses include the sprint course but also offer up to double the distance. On the map, there is a box drawn encompassing six controls labelled A, B, C, D, E & F which are, herein, called the Box Controls.

You may sign-up to complete 2, 4 or all 6 of the Box Controls. These Box Controls will be punched after control 8 and before control 9 of the point-to-point sprint. You determine the order in which you will punch the Box Controls. In the case of the courses offering 2 and 4 Box Controls (Sprint + 2 and Sprint + 4) you select which 2 or 4 you punch. Sprint + 6 competitors are also to determine the order in which they punch all 6 Box Controls.

Distances of Sprint + 2 and Sprint + 4 are approximate.

Please note: Camping season is in full swing. Do not enter occupied campsites. Be mindful of vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian traffic.



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