Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.

Organizers: Larry Konotopetz (Event Director), Jennifer Hamilton (Event Director)

Welcome to the last event in 2019 !

Please park at the "No Frills" parking lot on the west side of the intersection of St Anne's Road and Southglen Blvd. Royalwood Bridge and Shorehill Drive is on the east side of St Anne's Road. The start will be on the east side of St Anne's Road, east along Shorehill Drive at the first greenspace to the North of Shorehill Drive.

UPDATE: The water level is high but does not impact the courses. Trails are muddy& only in a few places wet so maybe don't wear your best runners & bring an extra pair to change to! On the other hand, things may dry up a bit by Sunday.

Please register by Friday 12 noon to ensure you get a map.



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