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Organizer: Brian Johnston (Event Director)

Map: Grand Beach

Try something new! No poker skills needed.

Poker Ski-O (ski, walk, run, snowshoe) Grand Beach


Goal: to obtain the best poker hand.

Format: Score-O. Visit the controls in any order, visit as many controls as possible within the 90 minute time limit. Expect to travel between 4 km and 8 km so there’s kinda short and longer course options

Age Handicap
Under 35, start with 0 cards
35-44, start with 1 card
45-54, start with 2 cards
55-64, start with 3 cards
65-74, start with 4 cards
75+, start with 5 cards

Procedure: start with one to five cards in your hand. Using trails, visit a control to gain a card (to a max. of 5 cards) or to exchange a card seeking a better card to get a good poker hand. Once you have a 5 card hand, the more controls you visit, the more cards exchanged. Each control has; a list of poker hands, cards to draw from; and a master map.

The Twist: Travel between controls by map memory. If you travel between controls without a map then at the finish you get to exchange one more card. If you use a map then there is no exchange a card at the finish.

Time Limit: 90 minutes. First start at 12 noon.

For safety reasons, all competitors must check out and back in with the organizers.

Warm up hut and unheated bathroom at trailhead parking lot.

Drinks and snacks will be provided at the end of the race.

Bring a watch, a compass, and suitable ski/walk/run/snowshoes and pre and post clothing.

If you are not yet a 2020 member please a completed membership/waiver form.

Please register by Thursday, February 27th using this website or by contacting Brian Johnston ( or 204-340-2962).

Location: Grand Beach ski/hike trailhead parking lot. Provincial Park Pass required.



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