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Organizers: Reine-Marie Guillermic (Event Director), Sebastien Kerherve (Event Director)

Let’s go back to orienteering!

Due to some restrictions, only self-directed events are permitted at that point. To deal easily with the restrictions, and have fun, the first event will be a Trivia-O on the Saint-Boniface Nord map! You will be able to complete the event the day and time you want from June 4th to June 12th.

There will be no flags, but each circle represents where the answer to the corresponding numbered question can be found. There will be 10 points per correct answer, and then ranking by time ( self-reporting).

To participate, register on the right or send an email to one of the organizers (sebastien.kerherve at or reinemarie.guillermic at ). If you have not done so already, we will ask you to send us a membership form by email (a picture of a filled membership form works too), and we can deal with payment at a later time. The organizers will send to each person registered (with 2020 membership) an email with the map and list of questions. You can print the map yourself or use your cellphone or tablet. If any problems with file access or printing, please contact the organizers.

Event opens on Thursday June 4th and ends on Friday June 12th.


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