Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.

Organizers: Kelly Egilson (Event Director), Thomas Graupner (Event Director), Muriel Gamey (Event Director)

Update 2020-06-11: Maps are now printed. If you still want to register (registration not really closed), please email and we will make sure there is an extra map for you.

There will be Sprint and Middle event held together, on opposite sides of the road. You can choose which order to do them in.

The controls will be up until at least 3:00 PM, so you can arrive any time in the late morning or early afternoon.

These events will be slightly different due to COVID-19:

  • No refreshments will be provided - please bring your own!
  • There will be a 'self-service' table with event instructions, hand sanitizer, and the maps for each course.
  • Volunteers will be able to answer basic questions (if you have any) but won't be able to point at things on your map or show you how to use a compass.
  • If you would like to do the event on a different day (without controls), email for a copy of the map.



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