Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.

Organizer: Sheldon Friesen (Event Director)

Parsons Hill, Sunday June 14, 2020

Start time 11:00 am

This event will be held under COVID-19 restrictions:

  • Please respect social distancing
  • No refreshments will be provided on the courses – bring and carry your own
  • Refreshments will be limited to bottled water
  • Sealed map cases and SI boxes will be sanitized
  • Control descriptions will be included on the map, and posted publicly. No loose descriptions will be available

This event will be run under a GOAT format. Each participant will be permitted to skip any ONE control

Courses will be a bit longer than normal MIDDLE distance.

Environmental hazards include:

  • wood ticks
  • poison ivy
  • mosquitoes (maybe)
  • turkeys (okay, maybe not, even if they are as big as emus)



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