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Organizer: Patricia Graupner (Event Director)

Map: St. Malo Park

Trivia "O" in St. Malo Provincial Park! (Please register by August 27th to ensure a map is printed for you.)

**Control points are numbered for reference to the corresponding question ONLY! The controls can be found in any order the participant chooses!**

Bring a compass to navigate to each clue/question. Bring a pencil (pen) to record your answers. Bring a watch to record your elapsed time (no electronic equipment will be used at this event in this busy park.) Bring your swimsuit and a picnic lunch to enjoy the park after all your hard work!

Competitors will pick-up their maps and clue sheets - all self-serve - between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m from registration. The answer sheets, including competitor's name and elapsed time to complete, will be turned into registration following completion. If the competitor finishes after registration closes (after 2 p.m.), and wants to be included in the on-line results, the competitor may email their answer sheet to by September 1st. (If other options are needed to submit answer sheets, please contact the organizer for details.)

Calculation of results: 10 points for each correct trivia answer. Most points and least elapsed course time determine standings.

Due to COVID-19, please bring your own refreshments.

Park vehicle passes: There is now a new system for park vehicle permits, which you can read about at Purchasing and printing your vehicle permit at home is the best option.



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