Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.

Organizers: Ang Bajt (Event Director), Sheldon Friesen (Event Director)

Map: Kiche Manitou

Parking is at the canoe launch site in the Kitchi Manitou campsite shown on the map below. Drive past the campground office until you reach the river. Turn left at the stop sign.

This would be the Sprint Distance event in the Manitoba Orienteering Championships, but Orienteering Canada rules currently forbid provincial-level championships, so this is just the "Manitoba Sprint". The campground will not be in use during the race so there will be lots of route choice and you will have to pay close attention to the map as many of the campground bays are very similar.

Like the wilderness events in June, there will be a self-serve table where you can collect your map and start whenever you want. SportIdent timing will be used, but this event is technically non-competitive.

Please remember to bring your own refreshments (there are no water controls), Park Vehicle Permit, and Declaration of Health form.



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