Organizer: Muriel Gamey (Event Director)

Map: Yellow Quill

Parking will be at the Yellowquill Parking area (not Epinette) with a .7 km "warmup" walk/jog/bike to the start, along the Great Trail (formerly the Trans Can. Tr), The Start is at the first cabin out on the trail. One can park in the ditch at the curve of the # 5 Hwy and walk cross country (.4km)

Start between 11:00 and 12:30. Register by Aug 8 if possible.

The Poison Ivy is "healthy" so wear long pants!

Due to COVID-19, please bring your own refreshments and updated waivers/health forms. (See for details.)

Park vehicle passes: There is now a new system for park vehicle permits, which you can read about at Purchasing and printing your vehicle permit at home is the best option. If you do not have a home printer, email to see if we can print it for you.


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Course 3

Distance: 2300m

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Distance: 3200m

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Lois Watts
Pat Lee

Course 8

Distance: 5100m

Course 10

Distance: 6600m

Course 11

(Added 2020-08-10)

Distance: 8700m

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