Course Maps

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Organizer: Thomas Graupner (Event Director)

Map: St. Malo Park

Thank you to everyone who participated! If you didn't make it out, the event can still be accessed in MapRun, but you will need a park vehicle pass after February and the snow will probably melt soon. Contact me if you want a PDF or printed copy of the map. (A few 11 x 17 inch maps were left over.)

The St. Malo Snow-O is an orienteering event where participants can walk, run, ski, or snowshoe.

This year the Snow-O will be a virtual event that can be completed any time from Feb. 20 to Feb. 28.

There will be nothing at the control sites, except maybe tracks in the snow.

Parking will be at the park, not the organizer's home.

Punching will be done via the MapRun smartphone app. Or you can record your track with a GPS device and send me the file, but this option won't confirm when you are at each control.

You can print the map at home or pick up a copy from the organizer. Viewing the map on your phone is also possible.


To participate, you must be a 2021 member of the MOA.

Membership application and payment can now be done online:

(It is not necessary to complete a declaration of health for this event.)

This event is free for MOA members, but the organizer suggests donating to the MapRun developers.

Event Registration

If you intend to come, please register by using this web site or by contacting Thomas Graupner ( or 204-292-4209).

A PDF copy of the map will be sent to all registrants.

Scoring and Ranking

There will be approximately 20 controls that can be punched in any order. Some controls may be worth more points than others, which will be indicated on the map.

There will be no time limit. However, fast runners should be able to complete the course in under an hour.

Ranking will be by number of points then total time.

Using the MapRun app

  1. Download the free MapRun6 app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Open the app and enter your name and other details.
  3. Click Select Event > Canada > Manitoba > Saint Malo Snow-O 2021.
  4. The event should now be downloaded onto your phone so the course can be completed without a data connection.
  5. When ready to start, click Go to Start.
  6. Your time should start once you are near the start triangle. (Make sure this happens!)
  7. When you visit each control location, your phone should beep and vibrate and the visited control circles will become green.
  8. Your time will stop once you are near the finish location. Do not go near the finish until you are done!!!
  9. If you don't have a data connection, open the app when you have Wi-Fi again to get your result uploaded.

Make sure your phone is fully charged beforehand as the GPS will drain the battery. Also try to keep your phone warm (particularly if it has an older battery) but don't block its view of the sky too much.

See the following video for a demonstration:



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