Organizer: Don Roe (Event Director)

Map: Cypress River Sand Hills

COVID-19 Update (2021-05-28): This event has been rescheduled from June 6. As before, it will be postponed if not allowed by public health orders at the time.

Directions: Turn north at the large sign at Road 71 west on Hwy 2. Proceed 4 miles north to the park then another 1/2 mile to the start area.

Course 3 and 5 will be 1:5000

Course 8 will be 1:7500

Course 10 will be 1:10000

Bring your signed forms and refreshments for yourselves. No water on course, sorry! No picking up help is needed unless you want to.

Paperwork. See

Membership applications, if you are not already a Manitoba Orienteering Association (MOA) member, please complete the Membership application using either the online or printable option. Remember to read and complete the Waiver using either the online or printable option.

Declaration of Health form. Please print, read, complete and bring the Declaration of Health form. There is no online option available.

Cost $10 per person or $20.00 per family (family is up to 2 adults and any number of children in the same household). Payable via PayPal, in addition to cash or cheque.


Course Registration



Distance: 8120m

Brian Johnston


Technical Long

Distance: 5700m


Technical Shorter

Distance: 3300m


Less Technical for less experienced orienteers

Distance: 3400m

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