Organizer: Steven Graupner (Organizer)

Map: Hog's Back

Directions: From Highway #2, turn onto Road 71 West, heading north. This turn is 1 km east of Cypress River, and 15 km from either Highway #34 or Highway #5. Drive north 12.0 km on Road 71 West, and turn left onto the track. Drive west approximately 550m to the event site. Narrow, winding, rough roads once within Spruce Woods Park -- allow 20 minutes for the drive in from Highway #2.

Courses available: Usual COF courses 5, 8 & 10. Please use this site or contact Steven to register by Tuesday June 5th.

C5 - 3.66 km, 8 controls; C8 - 5.93 km, 11 controls; C10 - 10.97 km, 20 controls

Note: All participants must now be MOA members. Memberships cost $5.00 for Adults and $3.00 for Juniors. Membership forms and waivers can be printed from and filled out beforehand. Meet fees for this event are $10.00 for Adults, $8.00 for Juniors, and $20.00 for Families.


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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