Organizer: Pat Connors (Organizer)

Map: Grand Beach

There will be a Bike-O event in addition to a standard Middle Distance Foot-O event. Preregistration is required. Entries can be accepted up to and including Thursday, June 21. Call the organizer at 421-2465 (home) or 250-8634 (cell) and leave a message, e-mail to or use the online registration through the side bars.

Map Scale: 1:10,000

Contours: 2.5 m

All competitors are required to have a whistle and SI timing chip. A limited number of these can be borrowed from the organizer at the time of on-site registration.

Travel north from the East Gate and follow the orienteering signs to the trail parking area. On-site registration will be from 12:00 noon to 12:30, with the first starts beginning by 1:00 pm. Park admission fees apply in addition to event fees of $10.00 for adults, $5.00 for juniors and $20.00 maximum per family.

There are shelters and toilets adjacent to orienteering parking lot.

Water will be available at the start/finish and at indicated controls on all courses.

Notes for Bike Orienteers:

-- Be prepared for a course over 10 km in length.

-- Due to the height of control stands, you will have to dismount at most controls to use your SI stick.

-- The printed map size is 11x17 (28 x 43 cm). If you are using a map plate on your bicycle, you will have to affix it there on your race time.

-- Recent heavy rains have caused severe erosion on some of the trails going down slopes. USE CAUTION.

-- There are deadfalls on some of the trails that may not be cleared by race time.

More information will be posted soon

Road Directions


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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