Organizer: Jennifer Hamilton (Organizer)

Map: St. Vital Park

Coureur de Bois season wrap-up event.

*This event will start and finish at the Duck pond Warm-up Shelter (hopefully it is open!)

For more information or to register, contact Jennifer (204-775-3721 or You can also register through this web site. Prior registration is not necessary (you can just show up), but is appreciated.

This event costs $5.00 for Adults and $3.00 for Juniors. All participants/competitors must be MOA members, but 2012 memberships are inexpensive (the same price as event entry). Furthermore, this event will be free if it's your first event as a 2012 member. Join us for an early supper after the event. Likely the same "haunt" as last year but I am open to suggestions!*


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