Course Maps

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Organizer: Kelly Egilson (Event Director)

The 2017 Manitoba Orienteering Championships (MOCs) will be held in the same area as the 2017 Western Canadian Orienteering Championships (WCOCs). The Sprint and Long will be held on the new Cypress River Sand Hills map (made for the 2017 WCOCs), while the Middle will be held on the 2009 Hog's Back map (made for the 2009 COCs). By early October, the poison ivy should be mostly gone and the green will be a little easier to go through.

Each event has its own page:


entry will cost $15 per race, or $40 for all three races. No banquet is

being organized, but many of us plan to have supper on Saturday at the

Sand Hills Casino on Hwy-5.



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